Our Clients

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Mindojo was founded on the belief that in the near future every student in the world will be able to receive superb, yet affordable education from an AI tutor. We’re a team passionate about creating that AI tutor and fixing many of the problems plaguing education today.


Dellenbach Motors

Family owned and operated since 1965, Dellenbach Motors was founded by RW Dellenbach with the help of his wife and 11 children. Almost 55 years later, we still proudly serve Fort Collins and Northern Colorado with the same old-fashioned commitment to honestly, integrity and superior customer service.


Idahoan Foods

Idahoan Foods's mission statement is "To bring you quality 100% REAL Idaho® potatoes in all the ways you love. Whether it's quality mashed potatoes, soups, casseroles or hash browns, in a pouch, bowl, cup or more, Idahoan Foods will continue to bring you homemade Taste—Every Time®."

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Avalanche Ranch Light Company

Avalanche Ranch Light Company grew out of the founder's desire to light up his lake cabin in 1995. Not able to find suitable rustic style lights at a local lighting store, he created the first light that later became the first product for a small company known as Avalanche Ranch Lighting. In 1997, Avalanche Ranch moved to Bellingham, Washington and began manufacturing hand-crafted rustic lodge lighting out of steel. Today, the Company employs...