Layla Elley

Barketing Manager

Layla is one of Blue Ox Digital’s founding employees, who has been an employee since Blue Ox’s beginnings in 2021. Most days when she’s at the office, Layla can be found participating in client meetings, snoozing under desks, and looking pretty and professional in her doggy bed. While it may seem like Layla spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, she is a very good girl and an essential part of the Blue Ox Digital team and our company culture. Her skills of expertise include making puppy dog eyes and asking for head pats. Layla always has a smile on her face even though she might not have many teeth remaining. Layla self-identifies as a Hufflepuff due to her loyal and kind nature. Her favorite indulgences are French fries and steak, though she is currently in her fit doggo era. All company complaints can be handled with Layla, who takes this role very seriously between her naps.