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Shaun Elley


Shaun was born and raised in Windsor, Colorado - Home to the largest FFA in America (or at least it was when he graduated) complete with drive your tractor to school today. Shaun escaped the rural life and went to college in Boulder, where he was introduced to the world of digital marketing and immediately knew that was the career path for him. After graduating from CU he eventually settled in the beautiful city of Denver and started in the PPC world. After working his way up at a local Ecommerce agency he decided in 2020 it was time to fulfill his life-long entrepreneurial dream and started Blue Ox Digital. When not at the office dominating the ping-pong table, Shaun enjoys the Colorado outdoors and slowly working down what seems to be a never ending project list at his house.


Rachel Davis

Manager of PPC

Rachel was born and raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs (home to the best zoo in America). Rachel unearthed her interest in Digital Marketing while attending college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she graduated with a Business degree with an emphasis in Marketing. After graduating in 2017, Rachel started her PPC career and hasn’t looked back. Rachel has been working at Blue Ox Digital since 2021, where her role requires many hats, but has the official title of Manager of PPC. Rachel’s favorite pastimes include spending time with her doggos, reading mystery/thriller books, watching Harry Potter, and traveling abroad with her husband.


Olivia Freese

PPC Marketing Coordinator

Olivia is Blue Ox Digital’s newest addition as a PPC Marketing Coordinator. Recently graduating from CU Boulder with a BBA with an emphasis on Marketing, Olivia is ready to get her feet wet in the world of digital marketing and advertising. Olivia’s favorite pastimes include reading, discovering a cool thrift find, and sipping on an Aperol spritz with her girls. Olivia hopes to explore both the Colorado terrain and the digital marketing terrain as she begins her journey at Blue Ox Digital. Sko Buffs!


Layla Elley

Barketing Manager

Layla is one of Blue Ox Digital’s founding employees, who has been an employee since Blue Ox’s beginnings in 2021. Most days when she’s at the office, Layla can be found participating in client meetings, snoozing under desks, and looking pretty and professional in her doggy bed. While it may seem like Layla spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, she is a very good girl and an essential part of the Blue Ox Digital team and our company culture. Her skills of expertise include making puppy dog eyes and asking for head pats. Layla always has a smile on her face even though she might not have many teeth remaining. Layla self-identifies as a Hufflepuff due to her loyal and kind nature. Her favorite indulgences are French fries and steak, though she is currently in her fit doggo era. All company complaints can be handled with Layla, who takes this role very seriously between her naps.

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