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Laurel Vernazza

The Plan Collection

"Shaun, Rachel, and the Blue Ox team are fantastic and easy to work with! We have worked with many PPC teams over the years, and they are, by far, the best. We do not have a huge budget compared to some companies, and they make every penny count with how they structure and track our account. They also have great ideas to help us meet our financial goals. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their revenue and PPC audience."

Shane Klein

Miracle Method

"I've worked with the Blue Ox team for years (technically true you just weren't Blue Ox) and am constantly impressed by their professionalism and custom solutions for our business. I have never once been given a "standard report" or answer - every piece of their work is customized to us. I would recommend them to any business, large or small!"

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Aaron Zauderer

Worldwide Business Research

“BlueOx have played a key part in our marketing strategy for over 100 annual conferences around the world. They manage and optimize our paid search and remarketing campaigns for maximum performance and have been a valuable resource in growing our paid ad efforts online. Their team has been very helpful with our GA4 migration and ensuring proper tracking for Google Ad campaigns, often going above and beyond with providing resourceful information and recommendations.”

Tanvir Chowdhury

Ela Lane

“When all the digital marketing agencies just wanted to make a profit, Blue Ox Digital came forward and showed their human side by helping us. Thank you to the excellent team at Blue Ox Digital for combining both business and human sides.”