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The most common metric used in eCommerce advertising is Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), but have you ever stopped to think if this is the correct metric to evaluate your digital marketing spend? Below we will explain what ROAS is and why it may not be the correct metric for your business or at least not the only metric worth evaluating for your business.


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) - Efficiency Metric - The higher the roas the more revenue you are getting for each dollar spent on advertising - Revenue...

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Why do people like to specialize in eCommerce? It’s easier to prove strategies are working and that you are adding value to the client’s business. You can quickly calculate the added profit you are bringing to their company, not to mention forecast future sales.

For lead generation, it is not as simple to show value to the client. As this seems to be a pretty common scenario for agencies working with lead generation clients, I’ve laid out a success story that incorporates The 5 Stages of Dealing with a Lead Gen Client.

PART 1 - The Need

Years ago I had a...

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Optimizing or creating your own Google Shopping Feed? Looking for a quicker way to find the best, most relevant Google Product Category for your products?

It can take a while to command+F yourself through Google's sheet of possible categories and you always wonder if you picked the most relevant choice. Because of this somewhat tedious task, we have created a tool to quickly find all relevant categories for your products based on keywords. This will allow you to quickly pull and scan all categories for multiple keywords to optimize your shopping feed.

To use this Tool: Simply...